How to reduce Belly Fat

if you want to reduce your belly fat, then you need to change your eating habbits.

lot of people think if we stop eating for few days then we can reduce the belly fat.

this is not the right way.

first reduce eating junk foods. junk foods contain high amount of sodium which is not good.

pineapple is the best remedy for belly fat.

researchers found that pineapple have the very useful benefits for all ages.

take pineapple and cut it into pieces.

now add 4 tbsp of ajowan and mix well.

add 1 glass of water to the mixture

now heat the mixture for someime.

keep the mixture overnight.

in the morning, filter the water and drink it on empty stomach.

drink this water for 10 days continuously and you start seeing the results.

Belly fat reducing oil.

take 100 grams mustard oil and 50 grams champhor.

now heat mustard oil on low heat.

once it is heated for sometime, switchoff the stove and mix champhor with it.

let it cool down and pour the mixer in a bottle.

how to use the oil.

when ever required take some oil and heat it.

apply the oil in the area where there is more fat like belly and thighs.

massage for 15 mins and after 45 mins take bath with hot water.

after you use this oil for 3 days, you will see the results.

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